Community Wellness Aspirus Divine Savior, the health of our community is our priority. We want you and our community to thrive. We want to take what's great and make it better, which is why we've taken a groundbreaking approach to addressing community wellness.
La Vita at The Wellness Center is a new kind of fitness center. Our goal is to create an environment where your health, safety and comfort are the priority. We've included everything you might need to make working on you and your family's wellness a convenient and rewarding experience.
From the moment you walk in the door, you'll realize La Vita has removed all barriers to improving personal fitness. This isn't just a gym. La Vita is a place where you'll receive personal attention. Where fellow members will make you feel welcome. Where you'll work hard alongside others on similar journeys. There will be no more excuses for not giving your health the attention it deserves. 

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We're here to give you the tools you need to take charge of your health and we want nothing more than to be your partner on your journey. Let us help you meet whatever goal you’re looking to achieve. Take the next step in improving your wellness by becoming a member of La Vita today! does La Vita help?

La Vita at the Wellness Center is a medically-integrated fitness center that will help address the overall health of our community. We consider La Vita an extension of our continuum of care. Not only is it a great place to work out, but because medical professionals are involved in the design and programming at La Vita, it is a place where we know we can impact community health in new and groundbreaking ways. Because it’s located in the Wellness Center, La Vita members will regularly see the friendly faces of our healthcare professionals as they work on their personal fitness. Not only that, but the addition of this progressive approach to healthcare will help our community attract and retain business, keep our workforce strong and vital and help community members feel well, become well and be well for life.



We strive to improve access to physicians and their practices every day. Through recruiting, strategic partnerships and specialty relationships and new program development we are achieving this goal. We assist with financial support, locating coverage and advocate on your behalf, the community regarding public policy. Stop in or visit the Divine Savior Healthcare website for more information.


Divine Savior Healthcare is pleased to already provide many free or low-cost programs to address wellness — particularly obesity, addiction, physical activity and workplace wellness. We currently provide:

  • Health screenings
  • Exercise classes
  • Support groups
  • Community education
  • CPR and first aid training
  • Corporate health and wellness, including workplace wellness programs


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Based on the data we collect, we know there are two causes of death in the area that are most common: major cardiovascular diseases (heart disease) and malignant neoplasms (cancer). In addition, our county also has a higher than state average death rate due to suicide and a higher than average incidence of deaths due to diabetes and strokes. We are developing preventative care, education, diagnostic and therapeutic services, and new and innovative treatments and approaches to living with a disease so that you can focus on a better quality of life.

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Membership at La Vita is available to anyone age 12 and older and enrollment is easy.


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